About Us

The Home Improvement eRetailer Summit connects home improvement manufacturers, distributors and pre-qualified online retailers who are interested in increasing online sales of home improvement products through collaboration and partnerships. It is an invitation-only one and a half day summit.

This is the only face-to-face event uniquely positioned to bring together essential partners in online retail – Retailers, Distributors and Manufacturers who are specifically and distinctly interested in increasing sales of home improvement products.

Who are the Organizers of the eRetailer Summit?


sonya_picSonya Ruff Jarvis is the Founder of the eRetailer Summit, an event concept created directly from listening to the needs of all of the customers along the distribution channel. Sonya is the Managing Member of Jarvis Consultants and has spent most of her career building relationships with senior level executives in the home improvement retail industry. For the past twenty years, she has learned the business first-hand by visiting retail stores, lumberyards, headquarters and distribution centers in the hardware/home improvement marketplace.

For more about Jarvis Consultants, go to www.jarvisconsultants.com.

Jarvis Consultants has partnered with Hardlines Inc., a global media and events company, to produce the eRetailer Summit. The partnership is a natural one: they have worked together on a variety of projects over the past 15 years. Both Sonya and Hardlines Inc. have a stake in producing and reporting accurate content, news and events for the global retail business-to-business marketplace. Most importantly, they continue to serve the home improvement industry well!

about-us-sideHardlines Inc.
is a specialized information publishing and events company dedicated to helping home improvement managers and executives run their businesses better with information, news, research, conferences and connections. As one of the most authoritative voices of the retail home improvement industry in North America, Hardlines publishes magazines, newsletters and research reports, and hosts events around the world to educate executives and managers in the retail home improvement industry. Find out more about Hardlines at www.hardlines.ca.