eRetailers are always looking for suppliers to feed the demand of their consumers shopping for home improvement products. But many manufacturers in the home improvement marketplace approach online retailing just like bricks and mortar, which causes eRetailers not to “buy into” the suppliers programs—not because the products aren’t good or desirable but because the supplier doesn’t understand all of the components in building a successful retail program at the e-commerce level. And, unfortunately the eRetailer doesn’t have the forum to educate all of the suppliers.

This summit is designed to ease the frustrations of the eRetailers by connecting them with suppliers who are interested in learning how they can specifically build an eRetail program to successfully sell products online through the eRetailer and dedicate time to building partnerships that are sustainable long term. This will help eRetailers:

  • Find sources to fulfill product demand
  • Identify and nurture relationships with “third” party or “direct purchase” providers.


This is a highly curated educational environment. It has been designed for eRetailers to:

  • Have exclusive educational tracks that will focus on clarifying some of the top issues faced by online retailers today;
  • Offer the ability to connect eRetailers with ideal supplier partnerships and build long lasting and profitable business relationships.
  • All of these deliverables are integrated within an invitation-only one and a half day summit.