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November 12, 2020

OneStone leans into home-improvement ecommerce with its support of the Summit

The relevance of an industry conference is oftentimes reflected in the sponsors it attracts. And the Home Improvement eRetailer Summit, which is scheduled for March 7-9 at the Aloft Chicago Downtown River North hotel, has found a perfect complement in OneStone, the Arkansas-based ecommerce consulting firm whose hands-on approach is helping companies expand their online brands.

A repeat sponsor, OneStone’s commitment to the upcoming Summit will extend to its participation in two of the event’s sessions:

  • Jimmy Barber, OneStone’s Vice President of Client Management, and Sam Borgstadt, its Director of Ecommerce, will use Amazon’s pivot of emphasizing brands and manufacturers as an example of how online sellers can win at supply-chain fulfillment; and
  • Scott Sinclair, the company’s Director of Ecommerce, will suggest actionable steps that manufacturers and other suppliers can take with their digitally enabled retail and wholesale partners to move products faster to end users.

“We are very fortunate to have OneStone on our team,” says Sonya Ruff Jarvis, the Summit’s founder. “Their full-service consultation provides insights and analytics that touch on supply chain, content, and marketing. And the fact that OneStone is returning as a sponsor demonstrates the value that the company places on our event.”

OneStone’s leaders recently spoke at the North American Hardware and Paint Association (NHPA) show on the “5 Its,” an ecommerce philosophy espoused by Marc Lore, President and CEO of Walmart eCommerce U.S. OneStone boils down these fundamentals into a belief that in ecommerce, the PDP (product display page) is everything.

Marketing — Media has transpired greatly in the past 24 months online. Amazon is quickly becoming one of the largest advertising channels, with competitors like Walmart and Target quickly rushing to roll out “Cost Per Click” portals. Advertising online remains a vital strategic piece when launching and selling products online. But as advertising gets more expensive, brands need to double down on their strategies here.

Analytics — Ecommerce opens the door to quantitative and qualitative data being equally useful for brands and retailers. With access to so much data, and so many forms of data, brands and retailers must establish metrics that are best equipped to value their businesses, and are based on goals those companies have set in place.

Content — Representing your product online in a best-of-class way is a conversion driver. In their webinar, Sinclair stated “This is the new packaging of the 21st Century.” Barber added that a company’s product page needs to identify its brands’ strengths and how the product works, quickly and efficiently. This “quick glance” approach is especially important when marketing to users’ mobile devices, from which purchases increasingly occur.

Management — Marketing, sales, supply chain, finance for ecommerce must break out of their silos and operate in sync, ideally through a unifying manager or group. This holistic approach enables the team to “march to the same beat” with one overarching strategic goal in mind.

Supply Chain — “This is the most important ‘It,’ ” said Sinclair in the NHPA webinar, “But delivery is often a challenge.” Consequently, supply chains can’t be linear anymore, said Barber; they need alternatives, like third-party delivery services, to meet consumers’ expectations about getting products when they want them. Viewing supply as an investment and growth vehicle instead of a necessary expense prepares both brands and retailers to evolve as retail does.

The Summit’s attendees have come to expect this kind of quality information which gives them a competitive edge on the ecommerce field. The upcoming event promises the same level of relevant and useful content from its thought leaders of speakers, and from the one-on-one interactions the Summit facilitates.

For more information about the Summit’s upcoming agenda, speakers, and resources, contact Sonya Ruff Jarvis at 203-295-3385 or

The Home Improvement eRetailer Summit is the only face-to-face North American event that focuses on home improvement ecommerce through networking, education, and one-to-one meetings. It is designed for all types of retailers, manufacturers, distributors and industry professionals who are interested in gaining intelligence and insights on how to optimize the internet as a distribution channel to sell more home improvement products. The Summit is owned and operated by the JC Event Group a minority and woman-owned small business.

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OneStone leans into home-improvement ecommerce with its support of the Summit

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