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How Your Information Is Used

This web site is maintained by JC Event Group, llc with an office at 15 Twitchgrass Road, Trumbull, CT. 06611. You can also reach us by telephone on 347-886-0275.

Customer Definition

JC Event Group llc defines its customers as follows:

  • Event Attendees
  • Event Suppliers
  • Conference attendees
  • Sponsors
  • Speakers
  • Press/Media
  • Bloggers/Influencers
  • Associations
  • Other individuals with whom JC Event Group llc maintains business relationships or communications.

Types of Information Gathered

There are two primary types of information provided by JC Event Group llc customers. The definitions and treatments of these types are as follows:

Financial Information – Payment information gathered during the registration and build up process – including but not limited to, credit card numbers, financial institutions, and expiration dates – is considered Financial. This information is not distributed under any circumstance.

Professional Information – Data that customers provide to JC Event Group llc through various methods of communications with JC Event Group llc is considered professional information that is stored and managed for JC Event Group llc’s internal use. Professional data includes, but is not limited to, name, address, company name, company address, phone number including cell phone, fax number, email address, social media handles as well as questions answered on survey or registration forms. Data captured during a customer’s visit to a JC Event Group llc website as well as during a visit with another JC Event Group llc customer, is also considered professional information and may also be stored for JC Event Group llc’s internal use. Professional information may be, with the consent of JC Event Group llc shared with other organizations or JC Event Group llc customers for the purpose of facilitating business relationships in our customer’s best interests.

Opt Out

JC Event Group llc will accept, acknowledge and maintain any customer’s request to opt-out of any future communication from JC Event Group llc.

JC Event Group llc will accept opt-out requests as follows:

  • By Sender: JC Event Group llc
  • By Show: e.g. eRetailer Summit
  • By Medium: mail, phone, fax, email (or all)


This site utilizes a secure server to protect your financial and professional information. Secure server software is used to encrypt the information sent between your internet browser and our internet site. This ensures the security of your professional and financial transaction details when using this site. We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information you have given to us and may, on occasion, request proof of identity before we disclose any professional information to you.


Where a site is password protected it will use Cookies. Cookies are nothing more than a simple text file. They are not executable programs, and consequently it is impossible for a cookie to contain a virus, or any other application. Cookies are also very small, and you run no risk of filling your hard drive with too many cookies.

The JC Event Group llc cookie that is placed on your computer as a result of you registering on one of our sites contains only your unique reference number that is allocated by the registration process. This consists of a four digit number. There is no information in the Cookie that can identify you. The Cookie is only valid when you access the relevant JC Event Group llc site.


If you have any questions or concerns about your customer information or your request to opt-out of communications from JC Event Group llc please contact via email or call 347-886-0275.

Email Addresses

This site recognizes the home servers of visitors, but not their email addresses. Individually identifiable email addresses are not captured or stored unless they are provided. Persons who communicate with JC Event Group llc, and supply us with an email address, may receive future communications by email or telephone.


No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, (including photocopying), recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission from the copyright owners. website is published by JC Event Group, Llc with an office at 15 Twitchgrass Road, Trumbull, CT. 06611. You can also reach us by telephone on 347-886-0275.

This site contains links to external sites. JC Event Group llc is not responsible for, and has no control over, the content of such sites. Information on this site, or available via hypertext link from this site, is made available without responsibility on the part of JC Event Group llc.