Home Improvement suppliers are looking to the Internet as an important distribution channel that goes beyond traditional bricks-and-mortar retail. But in most cases, the approach is different.

This summit will address how suppliers can design a program to sell through products with the right eRetailer partner. eRetailers who are interested in increasing home improvement sales will share with manufacturers and distributors how to optimize their model as a distribution channel.

For those suppliers interested in—or growing—their eRetail business, this summit will help you:

1.  Understand how to design a program to sell through products with the right eRetailer partner.

2.  Determine how to navigate and optimize different online retailer (from the retailers themselves) models to work with your strategy and processes.

3.  Identify online retailers within a focused 2 days and a half who have credibility to offer your products to their loyal online shoppers.

4. Build relationships with eRetailers to understand the complexities of their business and why the approach is different than traditional brick and mortar approach.

5. Understand the issues directly from high-level executives who are driving the vision of their online retail businesses.

6.  Understand the total online industry don’t just rely on one eRetailer.   Participating eRetailers are focused on adding more home improvement and they are attending the Summit!!

7.  Enjoy an intimate setting facilitating day-to-evening networking experiences.


eRetailers will:

  • Help suppliers understand how your online business model works;
  • Clarify what you look for in a supplier partner, creating collaboration and partnership opportunities
  • Meet one-on-one with you to discuss mutually beneficial business opportunitie