Who Should Attend and Why?

Who’s Invited to Attend?

·        Online Retailers

·        Brick & Mortar Retailers interested in expanding OR adding online to its business

·         Manufacturers

·         Distributors

·         Wholesalers

·        Solution Providers

Why Should You Attend?  If you are:

·         Interested in learning more about the online retail industry overall and specifically the home improvement market

·         Thinking about entering the online retail home improvement market

·         Have a current initiative to grow your online home improvement sales

·        Interested in networking and meeting contacts in this industry to grow your ecommerce business

What Do You Get Out of It?  This is a unique curated environment and there is no other event like it in North America.

1. It’s not a boondoggle – it’s held in Chicago which is considered the mecca for the home improvement retail business-to-business industry with numerous headquarters of retailers and manufacturers located in the tristate area of Chicago.

2. It’s focused – No other event is exclusively devoted to online retail + home improvement.

3. It’s a full day conference versus random sessions – the education is category specific with a full day conference targeted exclusively on home improvement ecommerce issues, challenges and opportunities.

4. It’s networking that is authentic and genuine – no need to read badges here!We make sure that you meet everyone before you leave the Summit that’s why we keep it invitation only + intimate. It’s real networking with real conversations and collaboration!

5. It’s quality over quantity – guaranteed limited numbers of companies with a curated ratio of online retailers, suppliers and service providers.Pre-scheduled, guaranteed meetings that you get to select – we call them one-to-one meetings.

The Summit is clearly different and there are even more unique benefits that it has to offer.  The biggest value is that you network, attend a full day conference; and, combined those are the “ice breaker” that will lead to the last day of your one-to-one meetings which allows you to meet with prospective customers (sellers and buyers) and solution providers.